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Information design for companies

Your business partner

As a neutral business partner, we implement flexible BI solutions and suitable management, information and controlling systems. Our flexible project management and our Data-Process-Mining analysis supports the introduction of future-proof industry solutions and modern applications.

The system-open real estate template simplacon of propport data enables data-based business process analysis with data process mining. Together we connect data and processes for the real estate industry.

With our partners we coordinate and integrate marketable solutions.

Teams & Capabilities

board ___

modern + fair _ solutions

data ___

database + structure + modelling 
+ standards + backend

controlling ___

planning + analysis + reporting
 + design + frontend + tools

consulting ___

conceptions + projects + transformation +monitoring + risks + process

services ___

support + tasks + quality + applications + content + trainings

sales ___

marketing + mesh + communication + events + workshops

board ___ smart DATA

board ___ smart DATA

Our teams work interactively on modern commercial data solutions for properties and companies. This happens at excellent locations with special people.

It’s a matter of principle for us to maintain an overview with prudence, caution and careful thought while taking a long-term view.

Our in-depth experience in information, data and project management enables us to advise, coordinate and support companies in the transformation and implementation of new applications with best practice content modules for companies, real estate and controlling.

data ___ unified DATABASIS

data ___ unified DATABASIS

Our data management system transports the right data securely and in their entirety from A to B.

In the process, heterogeneous data sources are given a standard form, allowing systems and applications to be optimally networked. A clearly structured database delivers the right information for companies. Real estate expertise and digital excellence determine our actions.

controlling ___ solidly grounded DATA ANALYSIS

controlling ___ solidly grounded DATA ANALYSIS

Preparation of your data for modern reporting, analysis and planning purposes ___

Our in-depth industry expertise accelerates decision-making processes and significantly improves profit management. Modular controlling delivers the necessary content with the relevant information and data with just a few clicks.

This saves costs, reduces risks and boosts profits.

consulting ___ practical DIGITAL CONSULTING

consulting ___ practical DIGITAL CONSULTING

Good design emphasises content and brings it into sharp relief ___
We sift through a bewildering array of data to present the key information in a clear, understandable and memorable way.

Numbers become pictures ___
With an intuitive interface design, we create clear and nimble management and information systems. We work with our customers to develop new front-end and reporting design solutions for their long-term benefit. This increases transparency.

services ___ creative DATA CONCEPTS

services ___ creative DATA CONCEPTS

We provide the right kind of project management for digital change and will support you in every phase of implementation. Effective project management must understand complexity, keep people on board, promote innovation, get the job done and hit targets. Jointly composed project teams achieve the best results for your company.

The relevant data of business processes and operational systems are taken into account to improve process flows and optimise risk management. The right combination and transparent flow of business processes promote company-wide acceptance and growth.

sales ___ DYOURNEY

sales ___ DYOURNEY

We build bridges between the Old and the New Economy.
As the first point of contact for the real estate industry, we’re beginning the digital journey into a new data world.



implementation, actualisation, consistency, structure, assignment, transport, preparation, automation, standards, architecture, tests, quality, performance, security, basis


analysis, deviations, comparisons, prognoses, trends, recommendations, measures, scoring, monitoring, reporting dates, tests, navigation, evidence, calculation, operative/strategic

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